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180 pages

Brenda Bailey Cunningham's Ankle Bracelet

Creator: I. M. Telling | Fiction - 2014-03-12

Content warning: This story contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various interracial encounters including multiple partners and violence.

Publisher: Late Night Publishing

About this book
Brenda Bailey Cunningham's Ankle BraceletIt was Brenda's birthday and her husband Riley had presented her with a gift. It was an ankle bracelet with the letters BBC hanging off it. BBC was Brenda's initials and she loved the fact that her husband had purchased such a personalized gift for her.Unknown to either Brenda or Riley, the bracelet's initials has a secret meaning for black men. It is an advertisement of a white woman's preference and willingness to whore for any big black man. White women wearing BBC, which stood for Big Black Cock, were considered white slaves to a black man's cock to be used and humiliated by all black men as they share what is offered.One night, a man named Marcus, an interracial swinger, who knows well the significance of the bracelet, approaches Brenda. However, upon learning that she was unaware of the meaning of the bracelet, he sets off to turn her into a whore for black men to use as they see fit.Initially seduced by Marcus's charms, Brenda gives herself to Marcus completely, willing to do whatever he asks of her.  However, once she sees Marcus for what he is, it is too late; she has become the whore Marcus wanted her to be.  She succumbs to desires and needs that he has created in her.Brenda Bailey Cunningham's Ankle Bracelet tells her story in graphic detail as she enters the world of interracial swingers and learns to accept her addiction and become a stronger person for her experiences.Content warning:  This story contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various interracial encounters including multiple partners and violence. It is intended for mature readers 18 years and older who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts.Approximately 180 pages

388 pages

A Walk with God

Creator: Beverly Keene | Body, Mind & Spirit - 2013-08

For instance- Achlys comes from (Greek) meaning (the personification of sadness and misery). Another Achsah comes from (Hebrew) meaning (a bracelet for the ankle.) We pick names, we love to say or think are different from others, but we ...

Publisher: WestBow Press

About this book
Looking for Inspirational reading and short stories? This book has some of each to lift up your day, give you some restful reading, and help take some of your stress away. As you read, reflect upon how the messages inside can strengthen your faith and help you to grow into your own spiritual walk with the Lord.

485 pages

Meaning and the Lexicon, The Parallel Architecture 1975-2010

Creator: Ray Jackendoff | Language Arts & Disciplines - 2010-02-25

also face mask, necktie, ankle bracelet, skullcap, earring, backpack, fanny pack, wristwatch d. N2 is itself a location: liquor 1 store2 1⁄4 [STORE2a; [PF (BUY/SELL (INDEF, LIQUOR1; IN a))]] also fruit market, movie theater (SHOW/SEE), law ...

Publisher: Oxford University Press

About this book
Meaning and the Lexicon brings together 35 years of pathbreaking work on language by Ray Jackendoff. It traces the development of his Parallel Architecture, in which phonology, syntax, and semantics are independent generative components, and in which knowledge of language consists of a repertoire of stored structures. Some of these structures, such as words and morphemes, are idiosyncratic mappings between phonology, syntax, and meaning; some, such as idioms, attach meaning to larger syntactic structures; other structures are purely syntactic or morphosyntactic; and yet others are pieces of meaning with no syntactic or phonological form. The Parallel Architecture also seeks to explain and understand how language is integrated with human cognition, particularly with vision. Professor Jackendoff examines inherently meaningful syntactic constructions, incorporating insights from Construction Grammar; and he looks at how aspects of meaning can be unexpressed but nevertheless understood, integrating approaches from Generative Lexicon theory. A recurring focus is the balance in grammar between idiosyncrasy, regularity, and semiregularity. The chapters cover a wide range of phenomena, from well-studied domains such as the mass-count distinction, event structure, resultatives, and noun-noun compounds, to offbeat aspects of English grammar such as the time-away construction (We're twistin' the night away), contrastive focus reduplication (Do you LIKE-him-like him?) and the noun-preposition-noun construction (week after week). Ray Jackendoff draws on work in a wide range of fields, including linguistics, cognitive science, and philosophy. His writing combines depth of thought with clarity and wit. Meaning and the Lexicon will be read and enjoyed by linguists of all theoretical persuasions, and will be of great interest to cognitive scientists, philosophers, and anyone interested in how language operates in the mind, brain, and human communication.

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What is the meaning of an ankle bracelet on the left or ...
The wearing of the ankle chain or bracelet among prostitutes of today is a by-product of the 70's sexual revolution,but it goes further than that.

Anklet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An anklet, also called ankle chain, ankle bracelet or ankle string, is an ornament worn around the ankle. Barefoot anklets and toe rings historically have been worn ...

Urban Dictionary: anklet
A bracelet worn around the ankle. Widely reocognized as a symbol that a woman is a hotwife or slutwife and available to other men for sexual activity.

"Does a woman wearing an ankle bracelet mean something ...
Does a woman wearing an ankle bracelet mean something other ... is that a sexy woman wearing an ankle bracelet means ... it to mean something, too ...

What is the significance of an ankle bracelet? -
Ankle bracelets are known to have a significant meaning in the underground sexual subcultures in the USA. The bracelets signify the sexual availability of the people ...


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